• Overview
  • Vision
  • AIM
  • Contribution of SIMA

Small industries & manufacturers association also popularly known and addressed as “SIMA” is an association which has a nation wide presence and is devoted solely towards working for the MSME sector.

SIMA is also playing an important role by acting as a bridge between the MSME sector & the government and devoted itself towards addressing the issues related to the MSMEs and providing logical solutions and thus help the MSME sector wherever & whenever its required for building a better environment for this sector.

SIMA on the other hand also helps the government in preparing useful policies for the MSME sector by providing their solutions for various problems and issues related to this sector through the dedicated & qualified people & teams who form the CORE team, Advisories team and professionals having immense experience of this sector and suitably utilized by SIMA for building a better environment for the MSMEs.

To address and work for creating a better environment for the MSME sector. Provide our special attention towards the micro & small segments.

To help India in transforming itself into SELF SUSTAINED & SELF RELIANT Nation with our technical advise & support for development including R&D of new & innovative technologies & manufacturing both “MADE IN INDIA”.

Contribution of SIMA towards KNOWLEDGE SHARING & STARTUP initiative

We also help in providing our experts advise, consultations and also offer innovative products developed through various technical institutes in India and also patented products for manufacturing. This opens a gateway & holistic approach towards the development of the START UPs. We acknowledge that the youth are better suited for the initiative of START UPs Hence our knowledge team provides technical advise, support and consultations to the students of various technical institutes and SIMA has already signed MOUs with many technical institutes & Universities for the same. This noble approach provides a holistic approach towards building innovative START UPs and provide the youth with useful resources for the same and finally provide our platform to the R&D facilities available with all technical institutes across India to create innovative products which we help in procuring their technologies through our platform for the START UPs & MANUFACTURERS.

Why MSME is Important

The MSME sector plays a vital role in the nation building from its contribution through:
  1. Large local employments generation
  2. Major contribution in the GDP
  3. Substantial contributions in collecting and paying various taxes & govt. duties
  4. Significant contributions in Exports & Imports
The micro, small and medium enterprises sector in India just like the population, only second to China. In financial year 2019, the total number of MSMEs in the country was more than 63 million and giving employments to about 110 million people. The majority comprised of micro enterprises, with a higher number in rural areas than urban parts of the country.The role of MSME sector is significant not only in building the Indian economy but contributes substantially towards building the world economy. MSME is the engine of economic growth and for promoting equitable development not only in India but the entire world.